Tendring Ramblers

Chair and Walk Secretary Reports

Chairman’s Message

Welcome to another programme of walks which takes us through to the end of November 2017. This programme would not be possible without the people who voluntarily give of their time to organising and leading walks. However some of us are getting older, so if anyone feels they would like to lead a walk, yet are not too confident about it, get in touch with a member of the committee and we'll give you any help that you might need. Remember - No Leader, No Walk!

Michael May - Chairman

Thursday Rambles

The last few months have presented us with several problems, but thanks to walk leaders stepping in at the last minute, we have avoided cancelling planned walks. Also, a special thank you to Fran and June who volunteered to lead two walks and are a welcome addition to our team of walk leaders. A date to note in your diary is 7th December when we will have a walk followed by our Christmas Meal.

June Fieldsend - Thursday Walks Secretary

Sunday Rambles

Wonderful walks and wonderful weather – what more could we ask for? – New leaders please.

The last few weeks have seen leaders having to step down due to ill health and once again we have relied on volunteers to take over the walks to avoid cancelling them. There is the strong possibility these leaders will not return to leading even if they continue rambling. So please, if you want to continue rambling on a Sunday try and help us out.

I would like to pass on our gratitude to all those who have or are about to lead walks in the current and forthcoming programme. Remember if you have an idea for a walk and are not sure how to go about it, please contact me and I will help you all I can.

Maggie Beresford - Sunday Walks Secretary

Footpath Problems  

If you come across a footpath problem in the Tendring area, please report it to me on 01255 862098 and the Highway Authority on 01206 838639

Jeff Coe

Tuesday, October 24, 2017